every day is a child with teeth

sometimes i do this radio thing. sometimes people actually listen.

however, right now no one is listening, no one at all. EVERY DAY IS A CHILD WITH TEETH is currently on HIATUS. it may resume at some future point, probably as a weekly podcast.

[should this happen, you too can listen to a haphazard collection of indie, noise, metal, electronica, psych-rock, post-rock, post-apocalyptic rock and recordings of noise from steel mills. music your neighbors will hate. provided by the frontier psychiatrist.]

if you want to be added to the mailing list to which playlists, show announcements, and miscellania are sent:
email me at red-right-hand at asphaltstadt dot org

archives of playlists from past shows are available:
burn radio airtest sessions [summer 2003]
season 1 [fall 2003]
season 2 [spring 2004]
season 3 [summer 2004]
season 4 [fall 2004]
season 5 [spring 2005]
season 6 [summer 2005]

also available are laboriously collected but woefully incomplete links to information about bands featured on the show, useful labels, and concerts in the boston/cambridge area:
band pages
concert resources