every day is a child with teeth

i am constantly working.
i am the path to eternal life.
i am no longer hosted at this location.
i am gone neon shines through smokey eyes it's 2am.
i am proud to offer this new feature.
i am a support group for wives of husbands that are struggling or have in the past struggled with sexual purity.
i am a generator for direct manipulation editors for graphs.
i make up for lack of beauty.
i may actually be a spider-human hybrid!
i am for transsexuals too.
i am no entitlement.
i am a wysiwyg 2d plotting tool for the x window system.
i am the weight of the world.
i am long on gall.
i am a concept.
i am unmerited favor.
i am and what isn't.
i am joined with...
i am the key.
i am not a thorn.
i am gray.
i am sufficient by today's standards.
i am enough.
i am a state.
i am joined with wrinkles.
i am the ocean.
i am when a race is run.
i am gone.