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this is my sketch a day project.  basically, i’m posting a sketch from my notebook every day – whether or not i have anything even remotely finished or interesting.  i’m fascinated by artists’ notebooks, and by watching other artists change their technique with time, and i am hoping that this project will let me see something of the same process in myself. as a bonus, you get a voyeuristic glance into my notebook too!

leave a comment or send me an email if  you’ve got comments, criticisms, or, heck, sketch requests.  if you’d like to see some slightly more finished pieces, please check out the rest of the site, though unfortunately a chunk of my portfolio was lost in a nasty hard drive crash.

as for the brecht reference? i’m no devotee, but the phrase is one i think anyone who’s fallen in love with a modern city can understand.

About monolit

monolit is a wordpress+YAPB based photoblog theme. Parts of it is based on the grain theme and some design-concepts have been borrowed from the monochrome photoblog. It is written and maintained by Kim Nørgaard and is free for everyone to use or modify in any way.